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Parking Guidance System

What is a
Parking Guidance System ?

A parking guidance system shows the parking spaces availability in a car park or controlled parking areas. It presents drivers with dynamic information about the occupancy of lots, its amounts and locations within the venue, and enables the drivers to reduce unnecessary driving and circling in the parking.

Hence, a strong guided parking solution presents three main benefits: reducing vehicle congestion and time for finding a free parking spot, reducing emissions of cars due to better navigation, offering a full monitoring of all parking spaces.

Our parking management system provides the operators with an optimization of the revenue of their car park and the drivers with a user-friendly payment experience.

Digital Guidance Signage

We offer a very complete Digital Guidance Signage based on variable message signs displaying real-time space availability and direction to available bays:​

  • Working in conjunction with our sensors, real-time occupancy status is wirelessly transmitted to Variable Message Signage, at every driver decision point indicating how many spaces are available, and where. ​
  • The variable message signs are designed and manufactured to the customer requirements:
    • Exterior plinth signs: can be mounted either to the ground or to a wall and are typically used at the entrances to multi-level car parks, or at the end of aisles in outdoor car parks.​
    • Overhead LED signs: can be for internal way finding in multi-level car parks and are mounted on the ceiling.​ ​
  • A mains power connection is required for each sign. ​
  • To maximize efficiency and improve traffic flow, signage is strategically placed strategically placed down every aisle and at key decision points, delivering the right information at the right time.

We offer a fully-integrated Overhead Parking guidance for car parks operation

Car detection

Presence of a vehicle within each parking bay is detected by sensors.​

Availability lights

Each sensor is linked to an overhead indicator, which lights green or red indicating live parking availability to motorists.​

Configurable lights

LED lights are fully configurable and can be adapted to suit the customer requirements.​

Easy navigation

Drivers are easily able to identify and find available bays saving them time and frustration as well as vehicle emissions.

Higher visibility of underused bays

Underused bays are also much more visible increasing overall occupancy of the car park.

Wireless solution

Fully wireless solution, power is all that is required to operate the system. ​

Security and peace-of-mind

Each unit contains a separate maintenance cabinet and collection vault. ​

Simple and low cost

Simple and low cost to install, guidance lights can be installed using either existing light fixtures, fixed to a power rail, or hung from conduit.​

Additional Guidance Options

Modularity and possibility to offer car counting solutions, fixed and mobile automatic number plate recognition solutions. ​

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