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Parking Management System

Our proposed Parking Management System provides an ease of your parking operation. Our PMS is a well-integrated software and hardware solution, bringing together cutting-edge contactless & touchless technology, cost efficiency approach and reliable service.

Parking Management System

Our services

Off-street parking management system offers solution that allows operators to manage and control access to the car park. Whether gateless or gated, the car park management system will manage the access to the parking. Based on an advanced combination of hardware and software, the system also manages the payment of the parking and provides then an optimization of the revenue for the car park operator thanks to a quick ROI (Reduced Operating Cost). Car Park management system includes entries, exits, access management and payment collection system or payment at exit. It can also include traffic flow, parking guidance systems and possibly pre-booking.

Entry & Exit terminals
  • No motorization, no ticket reader. Tickets are scanned. Technology 2D barcode. Faster at exit than magnetic ticket. Option to pay at Exit with Credit Cards ​
  • Ticket resistant to water ​
  • Very low failure rate (no moving parts) ​
  • Can enter parking with a smartphone
Simplified terminals for staff zones
  • No motorization
  • Very low failure rate
  • Contactless for pass cards holders ​
  • Easy to use
Pay on Foot Stations
  • Possible payments by coins (recycle up to 6 coins), banknotes (option to recycle / give change in banknotes), credit cards (contactless & chip and pin) ​
  • Easy to use. Easy to maintain. Low operational cost. ​
  • Tickets are scanned. Very low failure rate (no moving parts) ​
  • LED visual guiding to assist the user in each step of payment ​
  • Can renew pass card membership ​
  • Can issue lost ticket remotely ​
Smart Collections Systems

Our most recent range of products CODEX (2D barcode ticket technology) is having an amazing success in all our markets and has been chosen by major airports, parking operators, shopping centers etc. ​

Pay on Foot Station​
Cashless Pay on Foot Station​
Entry / Exit Terminal​
Simplified POF

A very complete Parking Management System software

  • Web-based software managing your car park from anywhere with a VPN connection ​
  • Centralized monitoring application used on daily basis by parking operators​
  • Report application issuing over 65 reports available to help parking operators to export and analyze statistics on the parking activity ​
  • Revenue simulator ​
  • Function for modification of fees​
  • Subscriber management application
  • Multipark configuration application ​ ​
  • Operator management application ​
  • Full integration with ANPR system to help to improve traffic flow and decrease fraud ​
  • Prebooking system integration to connect to online reservation systems in order to offer car park users the possibility to pre-book online ​
  • Alarms & important notifications systems​
  • Integration with the most prestigious Parking Guidance Systems available ​

We can also offer validation & discount solutions for retail sector

Online Validators

Allowing stores tenants to grant parking discounts to their customers with an online validator.​


Allowing stores tenants to grant parking discounts to their customers from a smartphone or from their PC.​

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ATM Internationale is the parking management and parking guidance solutions specialist in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Koweït and Irak. Please tell us more about your project and a person of the team will get back to you quickly.

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    Our new anti-Covid-19 solutions

    Contactless button at Entry terminal: now 100% touchless! ​

    • No need to press any button to get the parking ticket: Orbility has developed a small sensor that can detect hand wave.​
    • One of the only manufacturers offering, thanks to the non-insertion technology, the possibility to have a parking system without touching any machine during all the process (with possible contactless payment by credit card)​

    Scan & Pay : payment of a parking ticket on smartphones now possible without the need of downloading an application!

    • Easy to use: take the Parking Ticket you got at entry terminal; open the camera of your Smartphone, or any QR Code reading App, a banner notification will come; just click on it and you will be redirected to a payment platform.
    • You can pay by Credit Card or for a very fast transaction by Apple Pay, Google Pay etc).